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Diliup Gabadamudalige

Diliup Gabadamudalige, from Sri Lanka, is a Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Producer and Performer. He Performed in Sri Lanka and abroad for over 25 years and is now retired from the music business and teaches Piano, Violin, Guitar and Audio Engineering to selected students on an individual basis. He was the Music Director of Young Asia Television (YA TV) from its inception till December 2003. Diliup is the Pioneer of MIDI music and Computer based music production in Sri Lanka. He introduced these systems to Sri Lanka as far back as 1986. Constant demonstrations over various television channels made many people aware of the use and the value of computers in music.

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May 2017
Android App released on Google Play Store. App name: Siri Saddhamrmaya
December 2016

Diliup is now fully retired from the music industry. He conducts music lessons for Piano, Violin and Guitar and also conducts Audio Engineering classes. All these are conducted on a selective, individual basis. More details can be found under the Audio and music courses on this web site.

Sept. 2016

A Bulk File Utility for windows written in Python, compiled for ease of use can be downloaded from the link below, or visit www.soft.diliupg.com


August 2015

Learn Music is a software Music Education tool created by Diliup Gabadamudalige. This is the First Music Education Software written in Sri Lanka. Diliup who is the pioneer in MIDI and computer based music performance and production in Sri Lanka creates history by creating this software. The concept design and coding is by Diliup. The software is written in Python and compiled for the Windows platform and can be downloaded from the link below.


April 2015

Diliup is currently working on his 4th. game coded completely with Python and Pygame. As these are non commercial games the source code and the games themselves can be downloaded from http://soft.diliupg.com/.

Android version of the games can be expected in the near future.

January 2015

Learn Music - Diliup's first music software completed. Now in testing. While this program is being tested he wrote another software titled Easy scales and chords where you get the notes of any scale or chord easily and with absolutely no knowledge of music. Download at


July 2014
New song with Senarath Ekanayake. Added to download page.
Coding of music software nearly done. Streamlining of interface in progress.

June 2014

Having time to code only during his free time away from teaching Audio Engineering and music Diliup has passed the halfway mark in writing his Music Teaching Software and hope to release it by the end of this year.
More information from


November 2013

After a lapse of nearly 25 years Diliup is back again with his passion in coding. He started where he left off but this time picked up the thread with Python a language which has taken the computer world by storm. Diliup started work on a Software to teach Western Music.

October 2013

The Bishops College Colombo School song musical arrangements and production was done by Diliup in 2004. Due to a mishap the school lost the original track and the song was re recorded with new music last week.

September 2013
The Gateway International College Theme:

The Gateway International School song was composed and produced by Diliup a decade ago. Recently the school arose to a College status and the school ammended the lyrics of the school song. Diliup re vamped the music and re did the song. It is in the downloads section if you wish to hear it.

on the dawn of our Independence Day I'd like to make a call to all citizens of Sri Lanka. Let us learn to live without any Racial, Religious, Political and Personal differences from this day on and make an example to the rest of the world. Let us show that we all can live together without Greed Hatred and Jealously but with understanding, caring and respect, for each other in this tiny but beautiful land. May all beings be well. Happy Independence Day to all Sri Lankans!.

Two song completed and handed over to Niloufer Perera. Eshana Gabadamudalige did most of the music supervised by Diliup who played Piano and the Bass line only. All other arrangements by Eshana Gabadamudalige.

Guidance International School Song completed. Another satisfied client.
Developing an Anthem for a new School.

As of Jan.1st. 2013 Diliup has completely retired from performing but will continue teaching Audio Engineering, Piano, Guitar, Violin and Vocal Coaching.


Diliup's second son Eshana who works part time with Bathiya n Santhush starts composing and Producing. Starts work on new somg with Sandun Athulathmudali.
Make it Green Again, the theme song for Earthlanka launched in South Africa World Green Summit in December 2011. Vocalized by Dmitri Gunatillake, Song available for download on downloads page.

Recorded a new song with "Footpath".

Recorded a song with Saranga Disasekara.

Finished a song titled "Make it Green Again". An English song done in an epic style. This one goes to the World Green Summit later this year.

Nawa Yugayaka Urumaya, a song released for the 2011 Ranaviru Day. Performed by Rookantha Gunatillake, Composed/Produced by Diliup Gabadamudalige/Pramod Mihiranga.

New project With up coming young musician Pramod Mihiranga. Diliup is working as Composer/Musical advisor/Musical Director on this new album. Yamuna Wimalasena, Chetana Ranasinghe, Theekshana Anuradha are a few of the young singers appearing on this album with a new concept.

The Royal College Song orchestrated, recorded (with the Royal College Choir) and completed. This was done on the Request of the Royal College Union.

"Divyangana" the maiden song by Bathiya Jayasinghe completed.

"Sadaham Maga Nopamawa" album was successfully launched on 15.08.10 at the Pelawatte Mayurapada Piriven Aramaya with an attendance of around 1200. Rs.27,400/= donated to the Mayurapada Piriven Aramaya for the Sangawasa Building Fund. 800 CDs donated to several temples to be sold and the money to be used for the development of the Temples. Speeches by Dr. Sunil Ariyaratne and Kolitha Banu Dissanayake were very well recieved by the audience.

"Sadaham Maga Nopamawa", the Buddhist Song Album will be released on the 15th. of August at the Mayurapada Piriven Aramaya at 3 p.m, Pelawatte, Battaramulla. All are welcome.

Composing a new song for Menaka Roshari, a new voice discovered by Diliup. Lyrics to be penned by Thanura Wijesiriwardane from Australia.

9 songs of the Buddhist Song Album Completed. Launch in August at the Mayurapada Pirivena, Pelawatte, Battaramulla.

Bishop's College Choir Cd released.

The Buddhist Album composing commenced. Songs will be in Sinhala.

New pictures added to the Gallery.

Footpath's song Shalu completed and uploaded to Downloads page.

Geshan Kalupahana's two songs completed and handed over on 11.04.10.

Diliup was a judge at the PEO Tv Children's Carnival held at the Taj recently.

Jaya Sandhavani- the 1st. part of a Symphonic creation by Diliup is released.

Dinesh Denipitiya's song Sihin Sarin released. check under downloads.

Diliup is composing music for Ravana the 3rd. Musical script written by Uddaka Tennekoon.

Diliup is busy composing the "VICTORY SYMPHONY" to celebrate Sri Lankas victory over Domestic Terrorism.

Diliup releases two albums of two different Genres simultaneously (Collaboration-15 songs, Tranquility-12 Original Fusion Instrumentals) and sets a record in Sri Lanka and probably in the whole world. Both albums released by M Entertainment and available at all leading music shops and all Keels Super Markets..
Collaboration features Wathsala Gunetileke who worked with him for several years, Ravindra Alagiyawanne the winner of Rupavahini Rajatha Rushmi All Island Singing Competition 2007, FOUR the singing/dancing quartet from Kandy who came to the limelight with the DERANA Miss Sri Lanka song composed by Diliup which is on this CD. Also features Nalika Gunaratne from UK and the newest Duo on the music scene DEFF RUDE and Sri Lankan Super Star Nalin Perera.

The CD and DVD of "Revenge the Musical" will be released in the near future

Diliup composed the DERANA Miss Sri Lanka Theme Song which is sung by "FOUR". Rest of the Music will be composed in July for the Final round.

Diliup is busy rehearsing the 2nd. Musical "Revenge". Written by Uddaka Tennekoon the entire musical is composed and performed by Diliup. The musical will be staged at the Lionel Wendt Theater from the 19th. to the 24th. of June 2008. visit link below for pictures and Video.

Diliup composed a 10 minute piece of music for the National Youth Services Council Dance Troup for the Opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting on the 27th. of April 2008. See download section.

Diliup performed for the 23rd. AGM and Valentines Day Dance for the Quantity Surveyors in Dubai at the Renaissance Hotel Dubai on the 14th. of February 2008. All tickets sold out and the Dance went on till 4 a.m on the 15th.

The Group "FOUR" has signed up with Diliup for a management contract.

Diliup ha completed the English Album titled "Rittey-Share My Dreams. The Album will be released on the 2nd. of February at a Concert to be held at the Bishop's College Auditorium, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

All melodies were composed by Diliup including Lyrics for 7 of the 13 songs on it. All musical arrangements and music were done by him. All Instruments on the album were played using MIDI. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by him at EMorphus Studios, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The second Album is in Divehi, the language of the Maldives. All melodies were composed by Diliup and the music were arranged and recorded using the same technology. This album will be released in the very near future.
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