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07 intellectual music The two songs for Geshan Kalupahana who is awaiting medical internship is completed. These two songs are Geshan's maiden creations.

Songs are release on Facebook and Youtube. Also available for download here.
08 Derana London Star artist Nalin Fernando

Song composed for Nalin Fernando. (Derana London Star artist)
09 Shaun Perera (MAgic Box Mixup)

composed two melodies for Shaun Perera. This time for two Sinhala songs! Await release under major label in the near future.
10 Sihin Sarin Dinesh Denipitiya's first release Sihin Sarin finally released.
Female vocals by Chinthika Ranaweera.
Lyrics by Lalith Ratnakumara & Dinesh Gunasinghe
Music by DiliupG
11 Bishop's College Choir CD

Bishop's College Choir CD finished! Await release in early May. 17 popular songs plus the School hymn. Music arranged and orchestrated by DiliupG. check out samples on download page!
12 DEFF RUDE Await!! The youngest but matured duo from Sri Lanka to blow your mind away with their special kind of Alternative Rock/Pop. check downloads for their songs.
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